Payment Service Providers – Five things to consider

Guest blog post by the UK's leading independent payment processor Secure Trading, on one of the most important aspects of setting up an e-commerce website.

This time of year tends to be popular for small business owners to set up their own e-commerce site, and whether you are setting the e-commerce site up yourself or using a fully integrated e-commerce solution, choosing a payment service provider that allows you to accept credit and debit cards such as Visa or MasterCard should be a huge decision and not something that should be left until the last minute.

The five points below will give you an insight into the thought process you should be considering when making your decision.

Set Up

  • To trade online you will need to set up a website and a shopping cart to enable your customers to select the products or services that they wish to purchase. You will also need to obtain a merchant account number usually from your business account provider – this is not always a quick process and should be obtained early as possible.

Transactions Charges

  • How much is the security of your business and your customers worth, the percentage transactions charged by the different payment service providers can vary significantly but don’t forget the cheapest doesn’t mean it’s the best.


  • Again this may well come back to cost, but don’t forget your business reputation is also at stake here, your customers will want to know that they can trust buying from your site time and time again.

Payment Options

  • Will your customers just be from the UK? Will they be happy to enter their debit and credit card details when buying from your website if the purchase is below £100? Some customers may object. Try and choose a provider that gives plenty of payment options such as Paypal or Ukash.


  • This decision could be the difference between having a sale and not, do some research and look in to how reliable the payment service provider is, if they have had previous usability issues then it could lead to orders being lost.

The key thing to remember is that customers want to be able to buy quickly and know that their information is secure, so always consider this when looking at payment service providers.

Guest Post by SecureTrading, the UK’s leading independent payment processor.

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