Friday News - 12 August 2011

A look at some of the news from the week, including Amazons new Kindle site, password security and a new social network.

The rise and fall of the App

Kindle Cloud IconAmazon this week have taken a step to move away from the dedicated 'app' model, with the launch of their new web based Kindle Reader.

Many sites are reporting this as a move to work around the rules imposed by Apple on in-app purchases, whilst this may be part of the story, it also is a positive step forward in the move away from having dedicated apps.

With the rise in popularity of smart phones, having a dedicated app seemed to be the only way to deliver a responsive user experience. However, with technologies such as HTML5 and great work by projects such as Jquery mobile, you can now develop a single mobile website, that will cater for a range of mobile devices, including Android and iPhone. You can see the results of this on the new IL mobile site that we launched this week.

For developers and consumers, this route has benefits. For the developer it means only having to build and maintain a single website, rather than having to write several apps for each device. For the consumer, it means that the site will work seamlessly between their devices. You should be able to move from your desktop, to your tablet or mobile, and have the same experience, with the same data available to you.

An interesting view on password security

Security is important to us at Internet Logistics, and a story caught our eye this week about a new view on password security. A paper published on password security suggests that the way some people construct passwords, may be making for passwords that are easily cracked by brute force. The paper is neatly summed up by this comic. Our advice from our previous post on security still holds true, but long complex phrases that you can remember are also a valid password strategy.

Does the web need another social network

heello logo

We at Internet Logistics think the rise of social networks on the web is great, and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter . Social networks help you keep up with news, friends and interact more than ever. However, news this week that a new social network has launched called Heello , which appears to be very similar to Twitter, suggests to us that the social network market is becoming overcrowded. There are only so many networks you can belong to before they become overwhelming, and you will only stick with one that has a compelling reason to stay there. Without a reason to join Heello over the well established Twitter, we can't see it taking off any time soon.


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